Sunday, June 29, 2008


Besides the scorpions that seem to enjoy living here with us we have quite a few lizards who reside in our backyard. It is pretty funny to see the same child who screams his head off when a fly lands on him run up and try to catch these lizards.

Check out this guy's breakfast!

We had our first monsoon storm last week. It was a pretty spectacular one too. One of the reasons I love Tucson so much is that we get to see these awesome storms come over the mountain. The lightning, wind, and rain held Tyler's attention for a long time that afternoon.

Emma has always been such an independent little thing. She has never wanted much help when she is eating. She actually is pretty proficient using a spoon to feed herself. Here she is eating her first tuna sandwich.

Emma loves to kiss right now. She puckers up and makes the cutest "smack" sound. Tyler is a good big brother and lets her kiss him all the time.

Tyler has had a few funny comments this past week. It cracks me up to hear him repeat things that I have said to him. Here are a few of them.....
I picked up something that he had dropped and he said, "Thank you mom, I appreciate that."
When I brought his dinner plate to the table he said, "Thanks dear."
At another meal he said, "Thank you for making this for me Mommy."--(He may be a little Eddie Haskell like but at least he is polite!:)
He asked Marshall for a drink of his tea and Marshall told him he could but that he had to take another bite of what he was eating first. Tyler responded, "Okay Dad, that would be awesome!"
He has also turned in to the world's worst backseat driver. He tells me when to slow down, that I need to stop, and has a comment about EVERYTHING that we pass! There are days when I sure do miss when he wasn't talking!:)

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Garrett Family said...

The car one hit home - Maelynn likes to tell me it is green - go - Green Means GO!! After the 100th time I feel like maybe I should not have taught her that!! :) But if a few years they won't be talking to us at all - so I try to remember that!! :)