Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stuck at home

We have been stuck at home since last Wednesday!=(  Tyler started last Monday night with an ugly nighttime cough so I started him back on his breathing treatments.  By Tuesday evening he was really feeling crummy so I figured that I would call the Dr. the next morning and have him seen.  By the time we got in that afternoon he was coughing so hard he was throwing up, he had a fever, and his nose was like a faucet.  They told us it was RSV and to do the treatments 3-4 times a day, keep him hydrated,  and just give him some Tylenol.
Fast forward a thousand tissues later and poor little Emma has it too.  She sounds like a three pack a day smoker and her cough is just awful.  They are both so pitiful and so very crabby.  I am going to take Emma back in to the Dr. in the morning because now I think she has a sinus infection on top of all of this.  
I tried to be a good creative mom the first few days and did little art projects, played games, and read lots of books.  But they were both so crabby that I finally just gave in and let them veg out in front of their favorite movies.  Emma sat on the couch and watched Cinderella while Tyler sat and watched Cars on the computer.

Tyler is a typical boy....when he gets sick he is helpless!  He just wants his mom and all of the attention.  Thankfully Emma felt well the first two days of his being sick so I was able to let her play while he got a little extra cuddle time.  During this those few days Emma realized that she LOVES cars too!  She has played with his cars and little else for the past few days.  Here is my little princess and her cars!

Tyler is finally on the mend but like I said, Emma is still feeling pretty yucky.  Hopefully I can get her on the road to recovery and get us all back to our routine.  I am really missing going to the Y in the mornings, but I deserve a little pat on my back....I have been running outside when Marshall gets home and have been able to run about three miles in just over 30 minutes!

A few get better kisses for each other.  

Last Weekend

I am way overdue for an update but things have been crazy around here.  Let me get you caught up from last weekend.
I finally used the money that Grandpa and Grandma Brown sent and went and got Tyler his new bike.  He was insistent on having a blue bike with flames and we found one that he was happy with at Toys R US.  I was going to get Emma her first doll house but we ended up getting her a collection of seven Barbies that are the Disney Princesses.  Both of the kids are beyond happy with their purchases, so again thank you for the wonderful gifts for the kids!
Here are a few pictures from Tyler's first day riding his new big boy bike!

Emma is a good sport about going for rides in the stroller while Tyler rides his bike and she does really well walking around the block following behind him.  She has been practicing on Tyler's old tricycle and I think she is going to get it before too long.  
Here she is trying out the cool new bike!=)

Friday, January 16, 2009

For Fun

Aren't chunky little baby feet just the cutest things on earth?

Beautiful Day

I know that most of the country is still freezing but winter is pretty much done and over with here. Today was gorgeous so we spent the afternoon playing outside.

Tyler still loves golf.  We don't get to practice as much in this backyard because the houses are closer and no one seems to return the lost balls.  I am sure that he and Marshall will be heading to the driving range as soon as the mornings warm up a bit.

Emma likes whatever Tyler does.  I am not sure what she is going to be interested in but she has been trying to play a bit of soccer with her brother.  

Check out how cute they are having a little toast to such a great day.=)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Playing with our toys

We have all been very busy this month playing with all the cool new stuff that we got for Christmas.  Tyler loves his Geo Trax but because it has grown so much in size we have had to move it out of his room and into the "office" area.  He really enjoys it and even on occasion lets Emma play with him.

Emma spends at least part of every day in her "pretty" dress.  She loves to have it on along with her pretty shoes.  Katie got her lots of dress up clothes but so far all she wants to wear is Cinderella.

Notice the Strohl "Go to hell" look that this young lady has perfected at such an early age!=)

They both love the kitchen and seem to be spending quite a bit of time cooking and eating. Emma has decided that Tyler gets to wear the chef hat because all she wants to wear is her birthday hat from last year.

Notice the concentration on Tyler's face (his tongue is even out!).

My favorite Christmas gift, besides the new underwear, is my camera.  I have signed up to take a photography class at the Community College in February so that I can learn about basic photography.  I am really having fun playing with it but I want to learn how to take some good pictures.  Hopefully I will get better, but here are a few of my favorite shots from the past week or so.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

Val posted a random picture challenge on her blog so I thought that I would join in the fun.  The idea was to go to your May '08 picture folder and pick the 21st picture and blog about what was happening in that picture.

We were still living in our home in Chandler in May.  This picture was taken in my bedroom. The kids were playing their duck game so nicely together that I had to catch the moment on film!
As I look at this picture I can't get over how "baby like" my little Emma appears.  She has just grown and matured so much over the past eight months.  Of course Tyler doesn't have a shirt on in the photo...I am pretty sure 60% or more of the pictures that I have of him he is missing that piece of clothing.  I guess I should just be happy Emma likes clothes so much.=)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A few funnies

So Tyler's teacher was lining the kid's up outside today and was pretending like she didn't know the line-up song.  She kept doing it wrong so the kids would laugh.  After she finally sang it correctly and Tyler looked at her and said, "Ms. Sheri, you sure are a piece of work!"

Tonight in after bath I was brushing the kid's teeth.  They were both wrapped up in towels and Tyler looked over and said, "Emma you sure have a cute belly."  I said, "Yes she does and you sure have a big old belly!"  He looked down and replied, Yeah, I do have a big old belly and a big old penis."  I was speechless!=0

When we put Tyler to bed we read him a story, sing his song, and then he always wants one of us to stay in there for a few minutes and lay with him.  Not too long ago he asked me if he could lay in my circle.  I had no idea what he was talking about so I asked what he meant.  He said put your arm over me like a circle...he wanted to spoon!=)

Emma has started to say a few short sentences.  The other day I went in to her room in the morning and she said, "I can't find binkie."
She calls Tyler "Towes" so the other day she was trying to get him to look at the balloon that she had and all we heard was, "wook it, wook it, wook it Towes, wook it!"