Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Day

Today we went to Buckelew Farms for our annual Pumpkin Patch visit. This year was even better than past years because we went with two other families from our neighborhood. The kids all had a blast hanging out together and picking out the pumpkins that they plan to carve and decorate.
Halloween night celebrates the one year anniversary of us living in this house. And I have to tell you, Marshall and I are really enjoying the fact that we have some awesome neighbors that we have become great friends with over this past year.

Tyler with two of his neighborhood buddies, Drew and Sam.

Emma and her Boys!!!

Fall Field Trip

Last Friday I got to go with Tyler and Emma on their first field trip of the year. A little boy in Tyler's class lives on a farm and they invited the entire school over to have a fall celebration. It was a wonderful day. The kids got to go on a hay ride, see some real cowboys (a highlight for me), ride on a little train, jump in a jumping castle, slide down a giant blow up slide, have a picnic lunch, and just hang out with their favorite friends.
Fall is just great here--the weather is incredible and everyone justseems happy--maybe it is because we all survived another Arizona summer!
Here are a few highlights from the day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A full Saturday

This past Saturday was a very busy day. Tyler had a soccer game that morning. You can check out his super goalie skills below.
After the game we went to an Open House at the new fire station just down the road. I am not sure who was more excited to see the firemen--the kids or me!=)
We then went home to have quick nap before heading off to see Disney On Ice. Emma was in heaven. She just kept squealing with delight. If this was any indication as to what her reaction is going to be when we go to Disneyland in February, I think we may need to be prepared for her to have a stroke!

CA Wedding Party Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend last weekend. We traveled over to Carlsbad, Ca to help Marie and Bill celebrate their recent nuptuals. They were married in September at the court house in San Diego then took an amazing honeymoon to Italy. The wedding celebration party was a wonderful time filled with good food, lots of laughter, maybe a little too much drinking, a few unintentional swims, and incredible people.
Mom recently celebrated her 60th birthday so having all four of her children in one place at the same time was quite a gift!
We were also able to squeeze in a beach day and have some extra time with Vasinda and Morash families.
It most definitely was a memorable weekend that was truly enjoyed by ALL!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

It is football season and that means the three of them are going to look like this a lot!!!


The calendar says that it is fall. The teachers at school have been teaching the kids that with fall comes cooler temps and leaves that change color, but no one has bothered to tell Mother Nature!!! We have still been having highs in the hundreds. It is October and the kids are still using the pool!!!

The only way for us to feel like it is truly fall is to break out the fall decorations. Look, Emma’s friend is back (she really missed him)!

Sleep over

Tyler had his first sleepover. The parents of a little friend from his class had to go out of town and needed us to watch him over night, so we had a slumber party! It was a school night and I was a little concerned about getting them to bed at a decent hour but thanks to my wonderful neighbor and her fabulous (ok-- I admit I thought she was CRAZY at first) idea we found a way to wear them out.

I simply borrowed her small jumping castle and set it up in the garage. They jumped for about an hour before dinner and an hour after---this actually resulted in them both being dead asleep by 8pm!! I encourage all parents to invest in one of these--or simply move in to my neighborhood and borrow Karen’s!!!=)


What happened to ALL the free time I was supposed to have when the kids started school? I have been working at the school every Tuesday and my Thursdays just seem to ALWAYS be full. I am sorry that I haven't posted in awhile but I guess better late than never.....

Way back in the middle of September I took Tyler to his first concert--The Jonas Brothers (The Camp Rock 3 Final Jam!). It was seriously like 105 degrees at 7 pm so we were a hot sweaty mess, but that boy was on cloud nine!!! He had so much fun. I loved being able to be the one to take him to his first concert. I wish you all could have witnessed his reaction to the whole thing--he honestly never let go of me through the entire thing--we either held hands or he had his arm around me. I don't think the grin came off of his face for a week!!!
This was an evening that neither of us will soon forget.
(Remember--it was HOT HOT HOT out so we look a little rough!=)