Friday, May 29, 2009

LOL pics

Why are they both so obsessed with wearing these glasses?

This is what happens when you allow a four year old to watch KISS on the American Idol finale!

One of many dirty looks that Emma gives. 

A princess's work is never done.

I dream about baseball all day every day!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our trip to Ca

We went to CA this past weekend to celebrate my cousin, Jake's, graduation from college.  The ride out went very well...gotta love the portable DVD player.  We went straight to Marie's house and unloaded and then headed over to her boyfriend, Bill's, house.  It was my first time meeting him--he is a very nice guy who seems to really care a lot about Marie.  Corinne wasn't able to meet us that night (she had awesome VIP tickets to No Doubt...lucky girl) but Dave and Mason came over to play with the kids.  Tyler and Mason warmed up to each other pretty fast and were running around like mad.  

We went to the beach Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings.  It was about ten degrees too cold for my taste but the kids had a blast playing.  

Saturday night we had dinner at Gail's house and then Sunday we headed back over there for Jake's graduation party.  

The party went really well, it just bummed me out to have to leave so early to get the kids home...note to self, find a sitter next time so that I can partake in the later in the evening festivities!=)

Tyler pretty much spent his whole trip trying to get people to pitch him a baseball.  Marie found a cool little contraption that would throw it up and he got pretty good at that, but the boy prefers live pitches!  

He wore everyone out!  Check out poor Miguel sitting in a chair to pitch to him!

Monday night Marie and Bill fed the kids dinner and put them to bed so that Marshall and I could have a date night.  We went out for Sushi and then sat at a karaoke bar and were entertained for a few hours.  
We really had a nice trip and I can hardly wait until a little later this summer when I head back over there for a week or two.

Slip slidin' away

Marie bought Tyler a massive slip n slid for his b-day.  We haven't broken it out yet, but we did get out the one that I got last year on sale for a buck!=)  The kids had a blast on it, but it sure did a number on the yard.  I can't wait to get the big one out.....we will have to have friends over so that they can race down the three lanes!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh no he didn't!

So when I go and pick up Tyler at school today his teacher meets me at the door and asks me to come outside because she wants to share a story with me.  I immediately started cringing!
I guess during circle time as the kids were discussing the end of year celebration Ms Sheri started talking about what they were going to eat.  She was being silly and saying things like, "frog legs, sticks, and other funny things."  She asked the kids what they thought that they would be eating. Tyler spoke up and said, "Well, I will tell you what we won't be having."  She asked, "What?"  His reply?  "Well, we won't be having beer."  
Trying desperately to not laugh, Ms Sheri agreed that, "No they wouldn't be having beer, that is something that Daddies drink sometimes.  Tyler quickly piped up, "Oh no, it is not just for daddies, my mom drinks it too!"  At this point Ms. Sheri had to end circle time a minute or so early so she could go compose herself!=)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Unexpected visitors

After we had put the kids to bed the other night Marshall went outside to load his truck for the morning.  He came inside and asked me to come look at something.....this is usually not a good sign.  I went out front and there on the sidewalk was....

 Now you might not find this exciting, but you need to remember that we live in the desert and we just don't see frogs all that often.  I was so impressed that I went in and got Tyler out of bed to come look it!  He was fascinated but did not want to get very close.  I am ever so thankful that my boy does not like creepy crawly things!=)
Then tonight as I was talking to Corinne on the phone I kept hearing a loud chirping noise.  I looked toward the kitchen and noticed a brown blob on the floor.  I got up to check it out and realized that we had a baby quail in the house.  I have no idea when it came in but I am sure that Tyler left the door open at some point during the afternoon and the poor little guy must have wandered in.  I just hope he finds his way back to his momma!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

My sweet kids and their wonderful dad made my Mother's Day a VERY special one.  
First thing in the morning they gave me a beautiful pair of earrings and a great new purse.  

Since we were all up and at it before 6 am we headed to Cracker Barrel before the crowds hit and had breakfast.  We got the kids fed and napped early because we headed over to Kim and Elva's around 1 pm.  Both of the kids had a great time playing in the pool and we all enjoyed spending a relaxing day with friends.
I am so very blessed and I thank God each and every day for allowing me to be mom to my wonderful children.   
I hope that all of you moms had as wonderful of a day as I did.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our trip to PA

We went to Pennsylvania over the weekend.  It was a very quick trip in to see family.   On Friday we flew from Tucson to Chicago, had a two hour layover, then on to Philadelphia, and finally a two hour drive to Hazleton.  

Here is Tyler telling the pilot to please take us to Pennsylvania.

Silly boy

Watching Cinderella and eating a snack...all is good in the world.

I gave the kids lollipops to suck on as we landed so their ears didn't hurt...Tyler obviously had a blue one.
Here we are with Grammy.
We went to a pancake breakfast with Dad at the Marine Corps Club.  The kids LOVED playing in the helicopter that was outside.
The weather was rainy and chilly while we were there but we still took a nice ride and got out to see some pretty scenery.
We basically only had Saturday and Sunday in Hazleton but were able to get in lots of time visiting with my dad, his wife, my grandmother, my aunt and uncle, and cousins.  It was a quick trip but finally having Emma meet everyone was worth all that travel time to get there.

With Dad and Jack

With cousins Gavin and Becky..Mackenzie had already left.

Monday was a REALLY long day.  We started it off with some emotional goodbyes and then drove back down to Philly.  We were about an hour late leaving there because of the rain.  The flight from PA to Chicago was a little over two hours.  We did not get off the plane in Chicago just dropped off and picked up passengers.  The next leg of the flight was three hours and fifty 
minutes.  We did make some of that hour delay up in the air but it was still a LONG flight.  I have to tell you, the kids were amazing little travelers.  I was just so proud of them.  We brought movies, coloring books, toys, and candy on board and it all helped to make the long day as pleasant as it was for the kids, us, and the full flight.