Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our trip to PA

We went to Pennsylvania over the weekend.  It was a very quick trip in to see family.   On Friday we flew from Tucson to Chicago, had a two hour layover, then on to Philadelphia, and finally a two hour drive to Hazleton.  

Here is Tyler telling the pilot to please take us to Pennsylvania.

Silly boy

Watching Cinderella and eating a snack...all is good in the world.

I gave the kids lollipops to suck on as we landed so their ears didn't hurt...Tyler obviously had a blue one.
Here we are with Grammy.
We went to a pancake breakfast with Dad at the Marine Corps Club.  The kids LOVED playing in the helicopter that was outside.
The weather was rainy and chilly while we were there but we still took a nice ride and got out to see some pretty scenery.
We basically only had Saturday and Sunday in Hazleton but were able to get in lots of time visiting with my dad, his wife, my grandmother, my aunt and uncle, and cousins.  It was a quick trip but finally having Emma meet everyone was worth all that travel time to get there.

With Dad and Jack

With cousins Gavin and Becky..Mackenzie had already left.

Monday was a REALLY long day.  We started it off with some emotional goodbyes and then drove back down to Philly.  We were about an hour late leaving there because of the rain.  The flight from PA to Chicago was a little over two hours.  We did not get off the plane in Chicago just dropped off and picked up passengers.  The next leg of the flight was three hours and fifty 
minutes.  We did make some of that hour delay up in the air but it was still a LONG flight.  I have to tell you, the kids were amazing little travelers.  I was just so proud of them.  We brought movies, coloring books, toys, and candy on board and it all helped to make the long day as pleasant as it was for the kids, us, and the full flight.


Grannypjwa said...

MM came to Rogers yesterday for her mOTHER'S dAY VISIT We picked out a beautiful hanging basket that I CAN ADMIRE FROM MY PLACE IN THE BREAKFAST ROOM. She told me of your extended visit with Dot. I"m soglad you had that opportunity.It will mean so much to both of you in the future. I hope Emma is old enough to remember her Grammy. She will probably definately remember the plane trip.

Garrett Family said...

The lollipops were genius! I will have to remember that! Our girls don't do gum yet so I wouldn't even know what to do for the ear poping - so glad you had a great trip - I'm still scared to take the girls on an airplane - but maybe someday we will try it out!

Mitchell Family said...

You are a brave little soldier taking two little ones on such a long plane ride. I'm so glad they are good travelers. Brice has too many ants in his pants to stay seated that long.

shelley said...

Wow what great travelers you have. Those are wonderful ideas for the plane. You're a great mom!!