Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Emma and Barbie Kim

Remember me telling you that Emma's favorite Christmas gift was the life size Barbie that Nana got her? Well...if you had any doubt check this out!=)

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Winter Wonderland

We took the kids up to Mt. Lemmon this past weekend so they could get a taste of winter. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes to drive up there. The kids played for an hour, then we headed home! They had a blast but when they were done, they were DONE! It was all laughs and giggles until Emma stood up and yelled,"Ok, I am cold. I want to go." What she meant was, "Get me the HECK OUT OF THIS FREEZING, COLD, WET PLACE THIS VERY SECOND!!!!!" You see, it went from what you see in these videos and pictures to a full on melt down. It was actually a really fun morning and we can now say we experienced winter this season---for an hour--Arizona style!=)

Emma was hysterical--she kept laying down!
If I had been just a tiny bit closer to the path this could have ended up on America's Funniest Videos!
You have to listen carefully to the end of this one---Marshall was pretty sure that the sled was not going to fly over the rock with his butt on it the way it did with the kids!
Here is Emma hitting the wall. She was cold and her toes hurt--not a very happy Doodlebug!
Check out Tyler's grin!=)