Sunday, October 23, 2011

Newport Beach Part 2 (lots of pictures)

We really did have a fabulous week in Newport. We could not have had better weather so we were able to get in lots of beach and pool time.
Our biggest downer of the week came Monday morning when Tyler woke up with his asthma cough. He hadn't had so much as a sniffle before this so we were unprepared. Thanks to Oro Valley Pediatrics prescriptions were called in and $150 later he was breathing easy.
Our second BIG downer was that I forgot my camera. I was really wanting to use my good camera to take some family pics for possible Christmas cards but it was not meant to be. Thankfully Marie brought us Bill's old camera so we were able to capture our memories.
Here are a few pictures showing some of the highlights from our trip.

These are all from Crystal Cove. This beach was just across the street from where we stayed. There was an AMAZING tide pool there so the kids got a great science lesson that day!

Feeding the fish at the resort was a favorite activity (that is until Tyler fell in!!!!!).

Marshall made the kids chocolate chip pancakes a few mornings which made Emma a VERY happy girl!
If you are ever in Newport, a FREE and fun activity is the Newport Sports Museum. You won't be surprised to read that this was a favorite spot for Tyler. It was filled with ALL kinds of sports memorabilia so it was a hit for both he and Marshall.

We went took the ferry over to Balboa Island and spent the day checking out cool shops and playing games. I even rode the Ferris Wheel (my eyes were shut the ENTIRE time so no pictures) to make Emma happy.

On Saturday The Morash Family and Uncle Jake and Miss Danielle came up and spent the day with us. We had a wonderful time hanging out, swimming, laughing, and cooking out. Every time we get together with them we always try to figure out how we can possible get together more often. We enjoy them so much and can't wait till we go back in July and they spend a few days with us!

It was a wonderful vacation and we are counting down the days till we get to go back and do it all again! We love California....just look at this sunset and you will understand why!

A BIG THANK YOU to Marie and Bill for not only saving us with the camera, but for watching Winnie all week. She was in good hands with Bill and I am pretty sure he spoiled her rotten with attention because she was a bit naughty when we got home Monday and I had to be gone all day.=)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Newport Beach 2011 (Part 1)

We just got home from a wonderful week long trip to Newport Beach. The weather was PERFECT and we had a great time. I promise to do another entry this week with LOTS more pictures but I wanted to post these tonight to show you how our boy has grown since we last visited this beach!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Arts and Crafts day at The Browns

Emma has decided that she is an artist. She LOVES to color, draw, and paint. This is what she created for her Daddy's office.
The kids and I also made this cool skeleton for the house. He has Emma's hands and Tyler's feet. Our door is white so the picture isn't the greatest.


Here are a few shots from this past weekend's sporting events.


Tyler recently asked, "Mom, what are you trying to do, decorate the whole house?" I replied, "Why yes, I am!" He then told me that I was doing a good job!
See for yourselves.
My new gallery wall in the living room.

These are above the window in the front room.
I found this picture for above our bed.

I have become a frequent visitor to our local Home Goods and since I have a bunch of subbing dates lined up-- there will be even more redecorating in my future!=)

I have to give credit where credit is due though--my neighbor has been a HUGE help so THANK YOU sweet Miss Anna!!!!