Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My baby is 3 today!

Where did the time go? I can't believe that Emma Marie Brown is turning 3 today. She is my little sunshine. Her smile can brighten up any room. She has everyone that she meets just wrapped around her little finger! I wish I had the words to explain how much I love her, but there are none. I am so proud of her and I look forward to continuing to watch her grow into the amazing woman that I know she will become.

Emma and I spent our morning getting our fingers and toes done. She did so great--she sat very still and was quite a hit with all of the older women in there.

Next on tap for the day.....her favorite dinner (bean burritos) and cupcakes!
We are doing a joint birthday party for the kids this year so I will put pics up next weekend.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Emma's Big B-day gift!!!

Emma would like to welcome you to her new home away from home!!!!!
This is her new playhouse.
You are all invited to the many tea parties that will be hosted inside-- so plan on stopping by soon.

Spring time brings.....

ball caps,
time away from the office on a week day,
extra time to cuddle,
and FOUL BALLS!!!!!!=)
It also brings picnics in the park with with friends!
We sure do love the spring time!=)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday is Gymnastics!

Monday is truly the highlight of Emma's week. She absolutely LOVES her gymnastics class. She amazes me with her strength when she hangs from the rings. She has perfected her somersault (or as they call it...stink bug roll), and is learning to do a handstand. Check her out practicing here at home.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I have been focusing way too much on my other blog and have been letting this one suffer. Yes, I do get cool free stuff from Brown Paper Packages..., but this blog is the one that should be more important. I am sorry that I have been slacking getting pictures of the kids posted. I promise to post at least once a week from now on---Tyler and Emma are just too cute not to see on a regular basis!=)
Here are a few pictures from our week.
I can remember growing up in PA and having the rule that we couldn't wear shorts unless it was 70 degrees outside. Nowadays living in AZ we are cold when it is only 70. This week has brought temps in the low to mid 80's so the kids are starting to wear their shorts again.
We went to the Children's Museum with some friends this week. Here are some pics from our day.
Tyler is big into trying out every display at the museum.
Even though he does enjoy the entire museum I honestly think he would be just as happy if I left him to sit on the police motorcycle for the whole time we were there.
This picture just cracked me up! Check out his face when I told him to touch the "water" in the stream.
Once he realized it wasn't real he wasn't quite so grossed out by the slimy looking rocks.
Emma is just getting taller and prettier as each day passes. She loved the museum and had a great time running around climbing and touching EVERYTHING!
This big dino sits in front of The Children's Museum. The other cutie in the picture is our friend's little girl.
We ate lunch in the park across the street from museum. The shade and grass provided the perfect place for lunch and a few cute pictures of the kids.
Is there anything better than an OREO?---certainly not according to the Brown kids!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Look.....I had a creative mommy moment!
I made the kids Dirt Cups for dessert tonight!=)
Let's just say that they were a BIG hit!=)
Oh...and look at freaky little Emma's new party trick! (yikes)
I know I have been a slacker about getting the blog updated---I am sorry. Here are a few of my most recent pictures of the kids----can you believe how big they both are getting?=(
Freshly painted fingers and toes.
"Reading" the paper.
My cute little red headed boy at the park.
They are goofy--but they sure are cute!

Getting ready for summer fun!

The weather has been getting really nice here so we are in high gear trying to get the backyard ready for summer.
We had to have the pool drained and acid washed because the previous owner did not take care of it properly so it had some staining on the bottom. As you can see, it is good to go so we just need it to warm up a bit more and we can start getting in there. I can't even explain how excited I am so glad to have a pool again--the two Arizona summers we spent without one were rough!
Neither Marshall or myself have a green thumb so lawn and garden care are not at the top of our favorite things to do. Awhile back Marshall bid on and won a putting green at a charity gold tournament. We talked about it and decided to extend the green and add some play "grass" for the kids. They LOVE it! Tyler is perfecting his putting skills and Emma is thrilled to be able to run on "grass" without her shoes on. It gets shaded pretty early so it doesn't really get very hot. This really is the perfect yard for us---green and pretty with NO maintenance!=)