Sunday, September 12, 2010

These two give the best hugs---sure wish we lived closer to everyone so they could give more of them away!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

They love to rock!

Music has always soothed the savage beasts in our house!!! If you ever happen to be left in charge of these two and you can't figure out what to do with them--- simply turn on the ipod and start rockin'!!!!

Out of the mouths...

Emma: " Mommy, who made that mountain?"
Me: "God did"
Emma: "That sure was nice of him!"

Me: "Emma, who made you?"
Emma: "God made me!"
Me: "I knew that!!!! You know, he sure did a good job with you."
Emma: "Yeah he did.....he put all of his cutes in ME!

Tyler: "Mom, we did shape flash cards at school the other day."
Me: "Oh really, what one did you do?"
Tyler: I got an isosceles triangle and guess what....I knew it, I told it, and she was impressed!"