Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Singing and Dancing

It is that time of the year again...American Idol and Dancing with the Stars are both going to be on TV.   Tyler and Emma love to sing and dance so we try to watch these shows as a family.  We are lucky enough to get the New York feed on our satellite so the shows are on at 6 pm.  And as soon as the time changes they will be on at 5 pm which is even better!  
If you haven't seen Tyler in action check out his attempt at singing.  Be sure to look at the pencil microphones, Emma's pretty dress, and listen for the fact that this was filmed when he had a cold so he is quite winded.

Happy Birthday Aunt Marie

We love our Aunt Marie because....
she is silly
she plays great music to us on her i-pod
she loves to dance with us
she lives near the beach
she feeds us baseball food
she likes to wrestle
she sings to us
she sends us mail
she gives us great hugs
and for a million other reasons!!!! 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Write it down...

You know how whenever you tell a funny story about your kids people always say, "You should write that one down."  Well....I guess in this day and age of blogging not only am I writing these funny things down but I am also sharing them with all the people I know and love.
Here are a few of Tyler's funny moments from the past week or so.

My child is the world's worst back seat driver.  He tells me when the light is red, when I should or should not go, when he thinks I am driving too fast or slow, and makes a remark on just about every other aspect of my driving.  The other day we were sitting at a light waiting to make a right hand turn when he said, "Mom you need to wait until the cars stop coming before you go."  I told him that I was doing that.  He then told me that as soon as the light changed that the traffic going the other direction would be able to go.  I said, "Yes Tyler you are right.....Gosh you sure know a lot about traffic (said with a hint of sarcasm).  He then told me, "Yes mom I do know a lot because I am an expert about traffic!=)

Tyler actually said the worlds...."You were right mom and I was wrong" without being prompted the other day!!!!  I was so shocked I went right in to his room and recorded it on his calender since it is probably going to be the only time those words are uttered!  He loves the show Imagination Movers on the Disney channel.  We have downloaded their CD and he likes to sing all of their songs.  There is one song called, On the Farm and in it they say, "The roosters, the roosters, the roosters are tired".  Well, every time we would sing it Tyler would say, "No mom you are doing it wrong they are saying, "the rooster are untired."  I would laugh and try to explain it to him but he just would not hear it...he was right and I was wrong.  The other morning as I was getting dressed he came back in to my room and said, "Mom The Movers song was just on and you were right and I was wrong...the roosters are tired!"=)

Tyler has picked up some words at school that we don't use here at home so I am finding myself telling him, "We don't say...." quite often.  That has backfired on me and now he is telling me that same thing at least once a  day.  Take for example...
I got an after market manual for my camera called "The Idiots Guide to the Cannon Rebel". When I was telling a friend about it on the phone he started yelling, "Mom, we don't say Idiot"

Tyler was telling my dad about his bike and how the handle bar came off and how his dad was going to fix it.  My dad started telling him about when he was little how he went over the handle bars on his bike and landed on his butt.  Tyler promptly told him, "we don't say butt, that is a potty word.

He really is an entertaining kid.  Between he and Emma the only silence I have during my day is the hour of overlapping nap.....and I have to tell you, that silence is golden!!!!!

Emma No

For those of you who don't know me well, my name is Emma No Emma No.  I am about the cutest little thing ever but I sure can be a handful!  
I am pretty sure that I am going to cause my poor Daddy to have a head full of gray hair before I even enter Kindergarten. 

 I love my momma more than anything in the world but I am even more bull headed than she is, so the two of us are going to go round and round in the not so distant future.  

I adore my big brother, but I find nothing funnier than yelling whenever he is near just to see how long it takes for mom and dad to say, "Tyler, what did you do to Emma?"

I am the biggest princess in the world.  I adore all things shiny and pretty.  I must have a bow in my hair at all times.  I love putting on one of my "pretty dresses" with my "pretty shoes".  You should hear me gush..."Oh, it's beautiful!"  

I am such a smart little girl.  I can count to ten and am starting to say my ABC's whenever Tyler says them with me.  You should hear me help him sing "Take Me Out To the Ball Game"...I am quite a little singer.  I love to "read" and am talking nonstop!

I am driving my parents a little crazy lately.  I have become quite a handful.  I am the complete opposite of my brother.  If you spent the day at my house you would hear mommy and daddy say, "Emma no" at least 100 times.  You would also hear Tyler say, "No, Emma we don't do that" quite often.  
I have been keeping things pretty entertaining around the Brown house.  Don't worry about me though..I have these people wrapped around my little finger!  Who on earth could really stay mad at a face like this?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Party

Tyler and Emma had a wonderful time at his school party.  As we pulled out of the driveway Tyler said, "Valentine's Party, he we come!"  He was very excited to hand out his cards and could hardly wait for the party treats. 
Ms. Sheri was sweet enough to invite Emma and even got her her own cookie.  After cookies and juice the kids passed out Valentines and then they played at centers.  Emma loved the kitchen and baby center and really acted like she was part of the class. 

Maybe it was because we were in public, but Tyler was especially nice to Emma.  He even let her play with him and his friend Carson.
Here is Tyler with Ms. Sheri and her helper Ms. Kimberly.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trying to be crafty.

Yesterday Tyler and I did his valentine's for his teacher and her helper.  I got this cute idea out of a magazine. 
We just traced his hands and then he painted them.  We then wrote...
Ms. Sheri, You deserve a hand!  Happy Valentine's Day.  Love, Tyler 
on one of the hands and then used double sided tape to tape them on to a bottle of lotion.

For the valentines that we made for his class we wrote "We're two of a kind" on card stock and then used double sided tape to tape two Smartees on the inside.  We also wrote Happy Valentine's Day on the back.

Thought that I would share these ideas since they were easy enough for the least crafty among us!=)

Back in Mo?

I feel as though I am living in the Midwest rather than out west.  The weather here has been like Missouri's...if you don't like, stay a few days, it will change!
We have had sun, rain, hail, and snow over the past week.  
Here are a few pictures of what we saw.

Monday, February 9, 2009

More time with Nana

We had a few extra days with mom after our Vegas weekend.  The weather was beautiful so we got to spend some time outside.  Mom really enjoyed getting the time in the sun before she headed back for another month of winter.  Here are a few pictures from the week.

Have I mentioned that Emma REALLY likes to eat?=)

Yeah...I'm a slacker

I know, I know it has been awhile!  
We had a wonderful time in Vegas over Super Bowl weekend and Mom and Marie seemed to have had a great time here with the kids!
I am proud to say it pretty much was a meltdown free weekend.  The kids really seemed to enjoy having Aunt Marie and Nana here and didn't even seem sad when we talked to them.  
It was a good practice run for the week that we will be gone in March.
Aunt Marie brought her classic rock filled IPod and Tyler got the chance to "rock out" as often as he wanted.  He is still walking around the house singing, "I wanna rock", and "Knock, Knock, Knock on wood"!!!

Thankfully Marie is a doctor and not a cosmetologist.  Check out Emma's crazy hair.

For some odd reason Marie decided to teach Tyler to stick out his tongue for the camera. Hopefully he won't be doing this in all future pictures.

I am so lucky that Mom is  ready to get out of Missouri every February and come out for a visit so that we have a chance to get away for a weekend. 
Thanks Mom and Marie for taking such good care of the kids!=)