Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Still stuck at home!

Well...we still have not reentered the world. Tyler seems to have turned the corner and is just about back to normal. He has a slight runny nose but at least the green gross stuff is gone. Poor little Emma took a turn for the worse over the weekend so I took her back to the doctor on Monday instead of waiting for her recheck appointment on Thursday. She still had a really bad ear infection, which explained why my sweet tempered little girl had been up all night crying. They gave her two shots of a strong antibiotic and told us that it should kick in pretty fast. We have to go back in the morning but judging from her much improved attitude today I think she is on the mend as well. Now, if I could just get her nose decongested I would be the happiest mommy on earth. I am pretty certain that they will both be back to normal by the time mom gets here on Thursday.
Since we have been at stuck at home again this week we have been trying to find fun things to fill our days. Tyler and I have put lots of puzzles together and I am sure that we have read all of the million books that we own. We even finger painted---which went way better than I had thought possible.
The weather was beautiful today. The kids and I spent most of the afternoon in the backyard. Emma has decided the she wants to eat rocks---Debbie I thought only Travis did this!:)

We dug out all of Tyler's old push toys. He hasn't played with any of these in well over a year but since Emma is showing interest in them he suddenly loves them again and they are his favorite!

Check out this hair! Tyler likes to say, "Emma's hair is out of control!"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Potty Training

Ok...so I think I have asked everyone I know for advice on this and none of it is working. Some people have said wait until he is about three-----April is right around the corner people!!!!! I was inspired yesterday by my friend Keli. She said her Tyler told her that morning that he didn't want to wear his diaper so they had cranked up the heat and let him go bare. I spoke to her late in the afternoon and it had been a successful day! Strange as it may seem my Tyler woke up this morning pretty darn dry (this in itself is very unusual). I asked him if he wanted to go on the potty and he did. He peed quite a bit and then said he was done. We returned to his room and I started to get out a diaper. He then told me that he didn't want a diaper he wanted big boy underwear. I was very excited that maybe I too was going to have a successful day! He picked out a pair of Lightning McQueen ones and ran into Emma's room to show her. I told him to tell me when he got the feeling that he had to go. So we headed off to the kitchen to begin breakfast. I was setting the timer for an hour so that I would remember to remind him to go potty and explaining to him that every time we heard the beep we would go to the bathroom. I looked over and to my disbelief the kid was peeing ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!! So, at this point I have a kitchen floor covered in pee, a soaked child, and a screaming hungry baby! What a way to start my day!:) Needless to say we are back in a diaper. I guess we will try again later.
I has been a long week of staying home. I dare not take then anywhere and risk having them be little carrier monkeys and infecting the world! I have taken them out every afternoon to play outside so at least they can burn of some of their overwhelming energy. I am not sure if you all know this or not but Marshall and I are raising a little Tiger Woods. Check out his swing!

Tyler is such a good big brother to Emma. They have really started to "play" more together.

Emma has had two pretty big moments this week. I found her standing in her crib and she took a few steps pushing her ride-on toy! She has a major fascination with Winnie's dog food. The poor dog only gets to eat when Emma is sleeping because we can't keep it on the floor anymore.

Well...it is another day of staying home getting better so I am sure we will have more stories to share later in the week. Hope everyone has a great day! L-Sarah

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On the road to recovery

Well...both of the kids have ear infections so they finally were given some antibiotics. Tyler also is wheezing along with his cough so they put him on breathing treatments three times a day. We go back in ten days (which is the day mom and Carl fly out here) so hopefully they will both be better by then.

Tyler was a bit freaked out by the breathing machine at first. When the nurse brought it in he started crying and yelling, "No mommy, Tyler no want that!" He was pretty hysterical so the nurse had the bright idea that maybe it was her that was scaring him so she left me alone with a screaming child and a 9 month old to try and do it by myself! After about another minute or so of screaming I opened the door and as politely as I could told them that I needed a little help in there! A different nurse came in and being the great pediatric nurse that she is took Tyler to go get some matchbox cars. She then drew him a road from the examination table paper to drive on. He sat there and played with her while I held the machine in front of him. A few minutes later he said, ""It no hurt mommy. It not too loud." He was also very excited to show his daddy how it worked that night--thankfully it is kind of a novelty right now so hopefully doing this three times a day won't become a battle!

Monday, January 21, 2008

January 21, 2008

We are still sick around here! The poor kids have been sick for well over a month. They have had everything from colds to pink eye. Marshall is also still fighting his cough. I have another appointment at the doctor for the kids this morning. I am not one to take them to the Dr. for every sniffle (that is what my mom and Marie are for---they answer ALL medical questions for this household) but they just can't seem to kick whatever it is that is ailing them! Plus.....we all need some sleep. Poor Emma just wants her binkie to help her sleep and she is so congested that she can't breath when it is in her mouth. Unfortunately she keeps choosing the binkie over breathing which makes for an unhappy girl. Tyler is on Singular for his nighttime cough but it is not working. The poor kid starts coughing around 1 a.m. and just doesn't seem to stop. No one is getting quality sleep and we are all quite crabby because of it!:(

On a more upbeat note we showed the house on Saturday and the couple came back for a second look on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed that we get an offer soon. Still no idea what we will do if and when it sells but we need to get out of here before they begin widening the road behind our house.

I decided to keep up with this blog to help me remember to tell you the cute and funny things that the kids do and this weekend provided a few of those occasions! Tyler's new thing to say when he is disappointed is "Oh Man!" For instance the other night we told him to turn off the TV that it was bath time---he looked at us and said, "Oh Man!" He is also quite the parrot. If we are on the phone you can hear him repeating everything we say. Marshall ordered a pizza the other night and Tyler sat on the floor next to him repeating the whole order including our phone number. Yesterday I took an hour to myself and went and got a pedicure. When I got back Tyler looked at my freshly painted toes and said, "Daddy, mommy got new feet!"

Emma is just babbling away! I am ready for her to say mommy since she is such a pro at saying "dad dad dad dad!" She is also getting pretty good at picking up food and feeding herself. Her favorite food is Puffs--they are like a softer version of Cheerios! She has also been eating peas, cheese, and pieces of turkey.

We didn't take many pics this weekend since both the kids have had a steady stream of snot running out of their noses for the past few days but I did get this one of Emma and Winnie. It is funny, Winnie seems to know that Emma is the nicer of the two kids!:) She runs as far and as fast as she can away from Tyler but she lets Emma catch her tail.

Friday, January 18, 2008

January 18, 2008

I am going to try to get on board with technology and do a blog. Maybe this way you won't have to look at 60 pics of the kids at a time! Also, Tyler is two and he does and says something so darn funny each day that I need to make sure that I am telling you all about it!:) Our little Miss Emma is crawling and pulling her self up on everything----hopefully she won't walk too soon----we want her to stay little for a bit longer.

So here goes....my first attempt at blogging!

Like I said, Emma is crawling so it has made for a whole new set of challenges in our house.

I actually have had to confine her to her little "playpen". Tyler seems to enjoy being in it with her so it isn't too bad!

However, I did go change the laundry today and came back to find him sitting on top of her bouncing up and down---don't worry she is fine and he was banished from playing in there with her for the rest of the day.

As you can see because she is moving around so much sharing toys has suddenly become an issue.

Here is a link to snapfish for our newest pics. (try to copy and paste it)