Friday, January 18, 2008

January 18, 2008

I am going to try to get on board with technology and do a blog. Maybe this way you won't have to look at 60 pics of the kids at a time! Also, Tyler is two and he does and says something so darn funny each day that I need to make sure that I am telling you all about it!:) Our little Miss Emma is crawling and pulling her self up on everything----hopefully she won't walk too soon----we want her to stay little for a bit longer.

So here first attempt at blogging!

Like I said, Emma is crawling so it has made for a whole new set of challenges in our house.

I actually have had to confine her to her little "playpen". Tyler seems to enjoy being in it with her so it isn't too bad!

However, I did go change the laundry today and came back to find him sitting on top of her bouncing up and down---don't worry she is fine and he was banished from playing in there with her for the rest of the day.

As you can see because she is moving around so much sharing toys has suddenly become an issue.

Here is a link to snapfish for our newest pics. (try to copy and paste it)


Roy and MARY said...

You're gonna get hooked!! Blogging is FUN! Your kids are adorable!! And I'll just bet they keep you busy, busy busy!!!
We are on myspace and yahoo.360 if you would like to join us there too..that way we can keep up with each other!! Ya'll take care and we can't wait for more!! :O)

Corinne said...

YEAH! A new blogger!
I linked your page to Mase's so I will be sure to check it often. Love you, miss you - and sorry I haven't called in a bit. We've been sick - are slowly on the road to recovery. :) Love ya,