Monday, January 21, 2008

January 21, 2008

We are still sick around here! The poor kids have been sick for well over a month. They have had everything from colds to pink eye. Marshall is also still fighting his cough. I have another appointment at the doctor for the kids this morning. I am not one to take them to the Dr. for every sniffle (that is what my mom and Marie are for---they answer ALL medical questions for this household) but they just can't seem to kick whatever it is that is ailing them! Plus.....we all need some sleep. Poor Emma just wants her binkie to help her sleep and she is so congested that she can't breath when it is in her mouth. Unfortunately she keeps choosing the binkie over breathing which makes for an unhappy girl. Tyler is on Singular for his nighttime cough but it is not working. The poor kid starts coughing around 1 a.m. and just doesn't seem to stop. No one is getting quality sleep and we are all quite crabby because of it!:(

On a more upbeat note we showed the house on Saturday and the couple came back for a second look on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed that we get an offer soon. Still no idea what we will do if and when it sells but we need to get out of here before they begin widening the road behind our house.

I decided to keep up with this blog to help me remember to tell you the cute and funny things that the kids do and this weekend provided a few of those occasions! Tyler's new thing to say when he is disappointed is "Oh Man!" For instance the other night we told him to turn off the TV that it was bath time---he looked at us and said, "Oh Man!" He is also quite the parrot. If we are on the phone you can hear him repeating everything we say. Marshall ordered a pizza the other night and Tyler sat on the floor next to him repeating the whole order including our phone number. Yesterday I took an hour to myself and went and got a pedicure. When I got back Tyler looked at my freshly painted toes and said, "Daddy, mommy got new feet!"

Emma is just babbling away! I am ready for her to say mommy since she is such a pro at saying "dad dad dad dad!" She is also getting pretty good at picking up food and feeding herself. Her favorite food is Puffs--they are like a softer version of Cheerios! She has also been eating peas, cheese, and pieces of turkey.

We didn't take many pics this weekend since both the kids have had a steady stream of snot running out of their noses for the past few days but I did get this one of Emma and Winnie. It is funny, Winnie seems to know that Emma is the nicer of the two kids!:) She runs as far and as fast as she can away from Tyler but she lets Emma catch her tail.

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