Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just for the JOY of it!

A Blogger friend of mine has started a new carnival. The carnival is called “Just for the Joy of it”. She's inviting everyone to link up a post on something that gives them Joy (Happiness, Gratitude, Laughter, Contentment, Excitement – you know, the good stuff!). She really is trying to highlight the simple pleasures of life, and wants remind us all to slow down and smell the roses.
I thought that I would join in today and share some funny pics of the two people who give me more joy, laughter, love, and happiness than should legally be allowed=)
My Tyler and Emma!
These two make me smile a thousand times a day! They also drive me crazy at times but they are two of the best things that have ever happened to me!=).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Fun

Even though the thermometer is still reading above 90 degrees it is technically fall so it is time for Fall Fun for the Browns.
We took the kids to Buckelew Farms, a cute little Pumpkin Patch just outside of Tucson. Last year we went to one in Wilcox that was WAY better, but this one was WAY closer and with our crazy life right now closer won out!
The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They loved the tractor ride and picking out their pumpkins. The rule was that they had to be able to at least pick up the pumpkin that they chose. That helped prevent Tyler from choosing a $40 pumpkin!=)
I love this picture of Tyler...he was so proud of himself and did this pose without prompting!
We haven't bought our carving pumpkins yet but we did take some time today to paint the ones that we picked. Both Tyler and Emma enjoyed it even though from the pictures you can see that pumpkin painting turned in to body painting before it was said and done.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009


We are in the middle of our first soccer season and Tyler is having a great time. Marshall is coaching and is really doing a great job with all of the kids. I love watching him out there and I know Tyler loves him being so involved with the team. Here are a few pictures from today's game.

again with the tongue out=)

Rocky Point

We took a quick midweek break and drove down to Mexico to let the kids play on the beach one last time for this year. It also gave me a chance to stop thinking about the new house and the move for a few days. The weather was fabulous and the kids had a great time playing in in the sand. It was not crowded there at all so we basically had the beach and pool to ourselves. Here are a few pictures from our fun weekend.

Both of my kids stick out their tongues when they are concentrating!
Tyler trying to show us his "big belly".
Oh...she is a piece of work!=)
Since we were pretty much the only ones there and they had no other choices they did extra well playing together.
Only in Mexico!=)
Marshall got both kids on a jet ski but Emma decided at the last minute she didn't want to go so just he and Tyler rode around. I was a bit shocked that Tyler was willing to do it since he is usually a bit more apprehensive about new things and Emma the daredevil. He did though and LOVED it!

Monday, October 5, 2009


We love you so much and treasure every second that we spend with you!!!

All Our Love,
Tyler and Emma

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh....The joys of motherhood

I found this while looking at one of my favorite
blogs, Janana Bee.
This is going to make you laugh and cringe but all of you moms will totally relate!!=)