Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Fun

Even though the thermometer is still reading above 90 degrees it is technically fall so it is time for Fall Fun for the Browns.
We took the kids to Buckelew Farms, a cute little Pumpkin Patch just outside of Tucson. Last year we went to one in Wilcox that was WAY better, but this one was WAY closer and with our crazy life right now closer won out!
The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They loved the tractor ride and picking out their pumpkins. The rule was that they had to be able to at least pick up the pumpkin that they chose. That helped prevent Tyler from choosing a $40 pumpkin!=)
I love this picture of Tyler...he was so proud of himself and did this pose without prompting!
We haven't bought our carving pumpkins yet but we did take some time today to paint the ones that we picked. Both Tyler and Emma enjoyed it even though from the pictures you can see that pumpkin painting turned in to body painting before it was said and done.

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Mrs Garrett: The Facts of a Football Life said...

so cute! I am going to try and get out pumpkins painted this week too - I always try to have Chris home to do it - so I don't know when we will fit it in. I want to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend too - but I'm feeling under the weather and I will be the lone adult - so I will need to be a 100% to do it!! :)