Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My terrific two year old!!

My sweet girl is 2 years old today. 
There is no way for me to put in to words the love that I have for this beautiful baby.  There are times that I look at her and just cry because my heart is bursting with love, pride, wonder, and a million other emotions.  I just can't imagine living a day without her in my life.  Watching her grow and mature is such a gift from God.  She is so smart, sweet, funny, sarcastic, emotional, stubborn, loving, and a bundle of joy.  To know her really is to love her.  Happy Birthday my sunshine!

We had a birthday party for her on Saturday.  Since none of my friends have girls it was Emma and nine little boys.  She was the center of attention and loved every second of it.  She twirled around with the magic wand that Marie and Evan gave her and paraded around like the princess she was born to be!

Today after we took Tyler to school Emma and I did what we do best and went shopping.  

Aunt Marie sent Emma some birthday money and since we are on the look out for some dressy sandals we set out on a mission.  I still haven't found any sandals that I like but we did get the cutest pair of little summer sneakers.  After shopping we went for Emma's first "spa" day.  She loves when I come home with "pretty toes" so we headed to the nail place to have her fingers and toes done.  She again loved the attention and sat so still while they painted.  She kept saying, "Oh....pretty pink...so beautiful".    I think this will be a mommy and Emma tradition for her birthday!=)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back to the Museum

At Tyler's request, I took the kids back to the Children's Museum today.  They had just as much fun today as they did last week with Katie and Randy.  Although I didn't forget my camera, I did run out of batteries. Thankfully a really nice guy that worked there took some out of something he had and let me snap a few photos of the kids! 

The "bob"

When I get an idea in my head there is no thinking it over or waiting patiently...I want it done asap.  So yesterday when I finally decided that, yes Emma really needed a haircut to give her stingy hair some shape, I decided it had to be done right then.  My hairdresser is on vacation so I took her to the girl that usually buzzes Tyler's hair.  I am pretty happy with it..it isn't exactly perfect but getting a 2 year old to sit still with her chin on her chest is a tough task!=)
Here is my pretty girl's new look.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


We had a wonderful trip to Cancun.  We relaxed, soaked up the sun, spent some much needed time together, drank and ate a bit too much, and still managed to read four books a piece! Here are a few pictures from our wonderful trip.

Happy Birthday Aunt Katie

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We love you because...
You glow from the inside out.
You always find such great things for us to do and play.
You made us a really cool sticker chart.
You loved us even though we drove you pretty much crazy all week long.
You like to play cars
You let us watch Sandlot 6,000 times!
You give really great hugs and kisses
You took us to so many fun places and seemed to have as much fun as we did.
You are just a really fun Aunt and we think you rock!
Hope you have a great day.

What a week!

Marshall and I went to Cancun last week and left the kids behind with my sister Katie and her boyfriend Randy.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed my vacation but I sure did miss my babies!!! Katie and Randy did a wonderful job with the kids.  They left here this morning quite worn out and suffering from colds that the kids had given them.  
They kept the kids as busy as possible to keep them from missing us....not sure who ended up more tired at the end of the day.  
Tyler gave me a nice recap of his week on the ride from the airport this morning so here are a few highlights from the week.
Katie and Randy got here last Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday we headed to a Spring Training game but it was sold out so we just went to the park and had a picnic.

Thankfully Randy likes playing baseball...he had to spend a lot of time outside doing so with Tyler.

They took the kids to Old Tucson.  I hadn't been there in years and wasn't sure there was much for the kids to do but I was VERY wrong.  They loved it!!  

They also went to the Children's Museum but Katie forgot her camera (don't worry Katie I have done this too many times to count!).  The had a great time there and according to Tyler the best part was getting to touch dinosaurs!=)
We have Peter Piper Pizza here which is just like Chuck E Cheese minus the giant mouse. According to Katie, Emma acted like the little coins used for the games  were crack!  Both of the kids had a wonderful time during their fun dinner there. 
Saturday, Katie and Randy took the kids to Nate's little boy, Kole's birthday party.  After the party and naps they had a pool party in the backyard complete with homemade popsicles and smores! 

Katie planted my flower beds for which I am VERY grateful...now maybe since they were given her magic touch perhaps they will live.
Thank you so much Aunt Katie and Uncle Randy for a wonderful week.....the kids had a great time with you both!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today as soon as I was done at the Y I took the kids to the zoo.  It was in the 80's but there were some clouds so it was just a perfect day.
Funny thing happened on the way to the zoo though...
I was driving along paying more attention to my directions than the speed limit when I noticed a sheriff's car hiding on a side road.  Next thing I know we are being pulled over and little Mr. million questions in the back seat starts going 90 to nothing!
When the officer took back my license and registration Tyler started in on me.
Why did we get pulled over?
Why were you going so fast?
What is he going to do to you?
Why are you getting a ticket?
You shouldn't drive fast, now you are having a consequence.
Why does he still have his lights on?
Are you going to get in trouble?
Oh...and those are just a few.
Thankfully he let me off with a warning and was nice enough to smile, wave, and say hi to the kids.  But you can bet that as soon as Marshall called, Tyler said he wanted to talk to him and he told his daddy exactly what had happened in a very detailed replay of the events.

We did finally make it to the zoo and we had a wonderful time.
Emma provided the only moment of panic when she put her head through this fence and we had to struggle for a minute or so to free her!

They both got to feed a giraffe and touch a snake so I am thinking it was a pretty successful and fun filled day.

Having fun at the park

The weather has been gorgeous here lately so we have been taking advantage of it and been outdoors a lot.  We discovered a little neighborhood play area and have been taking advantage of it as often as we can before they close the gates of the community.
Last week Emma and I met Marie and Evan there while Tyler was at school. 

Emma is such a little dare devil...honesty NOTHING seems to scare her.  Marie put it best when she said, "She must give you a hundred heart attacks a day!".  

I took Tyler and Emma back there on Monday to play and have a picnic lunch.  I know that summer is fast approaching so we are enjoying the mild weather while we can.

I am not sure if you can see her legs but they are a mess!  You would think she was a rough and tumble boy rather then the little princess she is.