Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The "bob"

When I get an idea in my head there is no thinking it over or waiting patiently...I want it done asap.  So yesterday when I finally decided that, yes Emma really needed a haircut to give her stingy hair some shape, I decided it had to be done right then.  My hairdresser is on vacation so I took her to the girl that usually buzzes Tyler's hair.  I am pretty happy with isn't exactly perfect but getting a 2 year old to sit still with her chin on her chest is a tough task!=)
Here is my pretty girl's new look.


Garrett Family said...

so cute - I can't believe how fast her hair has grown - I hope Beclynn catches up someday!!

Mitchell Family said...

So cute!

shelley said...

It is adorable!! She is so cute!!