Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today as soon as I was done at the Y I took the kids to the zoo.  It was in the 80's but there were some clouds so it was just a perfect day.
Funny thing happened on the way to the zoo though...
I was driving along paying more attention to my directions than the speed limit when I noticed a sheriff's car hiding on a side road.  Next thing I know we are being pulled over and little Mr. million questions in the back seat starts going 90 to nothing!
When the officer took back my license and registration Tyler started in on me.
Why did we get pulled over?
Why were you going so fast?
What is he going to do to you?
Why are you getting a ticket?
You shouldn't drive fast, now you are having a consequence.
Why does he still have his lights on?
Are you going to get in trouble?
Oh...and those are just a few.
Thankfully he let me off with a warning and was nice enough to smile, wave, and say hi to the kids.  But you can bet that as soon as Marshall called, Tyler said he wanted to talk to him and he told his daddy exactly what had happened in a very detailed replay of the events.

We did finally make it to the zoo and we had a wonderful time.
Emma provided the only moment of panic when she put her head through this fence and we had to struggle for a minute or so to free her!

They both got to feed a giraffe and touch a snake so I am thinking it was a pretty successful and fun filled day.


Mitchell Family said...

She has no fear!

Garrett Family said...

I tell you it is the second child thing again - Beclynn flooded our play room bathroom - I have spent most of the day cleaning it up - so much water!! I don't know if the carpet will ever dry!!

shelley said...

I have to laugh about you getting pulled over and having him ask a million questions!! I was just there last week with my little guy. Only I left with a ticket!!

"C" said...

You shouldn't drive fast, you'll get a consequence. That is funny!

Nana said...

I love the Giraffe tongue!! Who got their knee stuck on the porch in Lehighton?