Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On the road to recovery

Well...both of the kids have ear infections so they finally were given some antibiotics. Tyler also is wheezing along with his cough so they put him on breathing treatments three times a day. We go back in ten days (which is the day mom and Carl fly out here) so hopefully they will both be better by then.

Tyler was a bit freaked out by the breathing machine at first. When the nurse brought it in he started crying and yelling, "No mommy, Tyler no want that!" He was pretty hysterical so the nurse had the bright idea that maybe it was her that was scaring him so she left me alone with a screaming child and a 9 month old to try and do it by myself! After about another minute or so of screaming I opened the door and as politely as I could told them that I needed a little help in there! A different nurse came in and being the great pediatric nurse that she is took Tyler to go get some matchbox cars. She then drew him a road from the examination table paper to drive on. He sat there and played with her while I held the machine in front of him. A few minutes later he said, ""It no hurt mommy. It not too loud." He was also very excited to show his daddy how it worked that night--thankfully it is kind of a novelty right now so hopefully doing this three times a day won't become a battle!

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