Thursday, January 24, 2008

Potty Training I think I have asked everyone I know for advice on this and none of it is working. Some people have said wait until he is about three-----April is right around the corner people!!!!! I was inspired yesterday by my friend Keli. She said her Tyler told her that morning that he didn't want to wear his diaper so they had cranked up the heat and let him go bare. I spoke to her late in the afternoon and it had been a successful day! Strange as it may seem my Tyler woke up this morning pretty darn dry (this in itself is very unusual). I asked him if he wanted to go on the potty and he did. He peed quite a bit and then said he was done. We returned to his room and I started to get out a diaper. He then told me that he didn't want a diaper he wanted big boy underwear. I was very excited that maybe I too was going to have a successful day! He picked out a pair of Lightning McQueen ones and ran into Emma's room to show her. I told him to tell me when he got the feeling that he had to go. So we headed off to the kitchen to begin breakfast. I was setting the timer for an hour so that I would remember to remind him to go potty and explaining to him that every time we heard the beep we would go to the bathroom. I looked over and to my disbelief the kid was peeing ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!! So, at this point I have a kitchen floor covered in pee, a soaked child, and a screaming hungry baby! What a way to start my day!:) Needless to say we are back in a diaper. I guess we will try again later.
I has been a long week of staying home. I dare not take then anywhere and risk having them be little carrier monkeys and infecting the world! I have taken them out every afternoon to play outside so at least they can burn of some of their overwhelming energy. I am not sure if you all know this or not but Marshall and I are raising a little Tiger Woods. Check out his swing!

Tyler is such a good big brother to Emma. They have really started to "play" more together.

Emma has had two pretty big moments this week. I found her standing in her crib and she took a few steps pushing her ride-on toy! She has a major fascination with Winnie's dog food. The poor dog only gets to eat when Emma is sleeping because we can't keep it on the floor anymore. is another day of staying home getting better so I am sure we will have more stories to share later in the week. Hope everyone has a great day! L-Sarah

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