Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Party

Tyler and Emma had a wonderful time at his school party.  As we pulled out of the driveway Tyler said, "Valentine's Party, he we come!"  He was very excited to hand out his cards and could hardly wait for the party treats. 
Ms. Sheri was sweet enough to invite Emma and even got her her own cookie.  After cookies and juice the kids passed out Valentines and then they played at centers.  Emma loved the kitchen and baby center and really acted like she was part of the class. 

Maybe it was because we were in public, but Tyler was especially nice to Emma.  He even let her play with him and his friend Carson.
Here is Tyler with Ms. Sheri and her helper Ms. Kimberly.

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Grannypjwa said...

The school party reminds me of an occacion when Unc was in Kindeergar and I was too little for school. We loived in tiny town of Enterprise kansas and class was so small the teacher invited mother to bring me to all the events. Of course I got alot of attention, and loved it,but after laboring at home over valentines John and I both had chicken-pox that year-what a bummer!!!Granny