Monday, February 9, 2009

Yeah...I'm a slacker

I know, I know it has been awhile!  
We had a wonderful time in Vegas over Super Bowl weekend and Mom and Marie seemed to have had a great time here with the kids!
I am proud to say it pretty much was a meltdown free weekend.  The kids really seemed to enjoy having Aunt Marie and Nana here and didn't even seem sad when we talked to them.  
It was a good practice run for the week that we will be gone in March.
Aunt Marie brought her classic rock filled IPod and Tyler got the chance to "rock out" as often as he wanted.  He is still walking around the house singing, "I wanna rock", and "Knock, Knock, Knock on wood"!!!

Thankfully Marie is a doctor and not a cosmetologist.  Check out Emma's crazy hair.

For some odd reason Marie decided to teach Tyler to stick out his tongue for the camera. Hopefully he won't be doing this in all future pictures.

I am so lucky that Mom is  ready to get out of Missouri every February and come out for a visit so that we have a chance to get away for a weekend. 
Thanks Mom and Marie for taking such good care of the kids!=) 


Aunt Marie said...

I love getting the chance to see my two favorite kids. It gives me a chance to act like a doofus and dance around with my ipod, eat PB&J, and go to bed early too! What could be better? I count myself fortunate enough to be close enough to see them as often as I do. Love you guys! Aunt Marie.

Grannypjwa said...

b granny said
after ten vewing of tis blog I saw mm's bellybutton.

Debbie said...

I love Emma's hair!