Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stuck at home

We have been stuck at home since last Wednesday!=(  Tyler started last Monday night with an ugly nighttime cough so I started him back on his breathing treatments.  By Tuesday evening he was really feeling crummy so I figured that I would call the Dr. the next morning and have him seen.  By the time we got in that afternoon he was coughing so hard he was throwing up, he had a fever, and his nose was like a faucet.  They told us it was RSV and to do the treatments 3-4 times a day, keep him hydrated,  and just give him some Tylenol.
Fast forward a thousand tissues later and poor little Emma has it too.  She sounds like a three pack a day smoker and her cough is just awful.  They are both so pitiful and so very crabby.  I am going to take Emma back in to the Dr. in the morning because now I think she has a sinus infection on top of all of this.  
I tried to be a good creative mom the first few days and did little art projects, played games, and read lots of books.  But they were both so crabby that I finally just gave in and let them veg out in front of their favorite movies.  Emma sat on the couch and watched Cinderella while Tyler sat and watched Cars on the computer.

Tyler is a typical boy....when he gets sick he is helpless!  He just wants his mom and all of the attention.  Thankfully Emma felt well the first two days of his being sick so I was able to let her play while he got a little extra cuddle time.  During this those few days Emma realized that she LOVES cars too!  She has played with his cars and little else for the past few days.  Here is my little princess and her cars!

Tyler is finally on the mend but like I said, Emma is still feeling pretty yucky.  Hopefully I can get her on the road to recovery and get us all back to our routine.  I am really missing going to the Y in the mornings, but I deserve a little pat on my back....I have been running outside when Marshall gets home and have been able to run about three miles in just over 30 minutes!

A few get better kisses for each other.  


Mitchell Family said...

Oh so sorry. I was really hoping she would avoid it. Poor kiddos. Hope they are both better soon.

Garrett Family said...

So sorry to hear about your week - but so very proud of you - I don't know if I would have had the strength to get out an run - but doesn't it always make you feel better. We will keep you all in our prayers. Being sick is not fun for anybody!!