Friday, January 16, 2009

Beautiful Day

I know that most of the country is still freezing but winter is pretty much done and over with here. Today was gorgeous so we spent the afternoon playing outside.

Tyler still loves golf.  We don't get to practice as much in this backyard because the houses are closer and no one seems to return the lost balls.  I am sure that he and Marshall will be heading to the driving range as soon as the mornings warm up a bit.

Emma likes whatever Tyler does.  I am not sure what she is going to be interested in but she has been trying to play a bit of soccer with her brother.  

Check out how cute they are having a little toast to such a great day.=)


shelley said...

SOOO Jealous!! It was 32 here today and it felt warm.

Garrett Family said...

I'm jealous too - it was really cold here all day - I had to really bundle the girls up to do anything - which I'm not use to doing at all! Send some warm weather our way!!

Mitchell Family said...

So cute and fun! Love the toast.