Thursday, January 8, 2009

A few funnies

So Tyler's teacher was lining the kid's up outside today and was pretending like she didn't know the line-up song.  She kept doing it wrong so the kids would laugh.  After she finally sang it correctly and Tyler looked at her and said, "Ms. Sheri, you sure are a piece of work!"

Tonight in after bath I was brushing the kid's teeth.  They were both wrapped up in towels and Tyler looked over and said, "Emma you sure have a cute belly."  I said, "Yes she does and you sure have a big old belly!"  He looked down and replied, Yeah, I do have a big old belly and a big old penis."  I was speechless!=0

When we put Tyler to bed we read him a story, sing his song, and then he always wants one of us to stay in there for a few minutes and lay with him.  Not too long ago he asked me if he could lay in my circle.  I had no idea what he was talking about so I asked what he meant.  He said put your arm over me like a circle...he wanted to spoon!=)

Emma has started to say a few short sentences.  The other day I went in to her room in the morning and she said, "I can't find binkie."
She calls Tyler "Towes" so the other day she was trying to get him to look at the balloon that she had and all we heard was, "wook it, wook it, wook it Towes, wook it!"


Garrett Family said...

Too cute - love the bathroom story - laughed out loud on that one!! So glad you add these kind of posts - they are my favorite!!

shelley said...

Thanks for the funnies. Those are great!!