Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last Weekend

I am way overdue for an update but things have been crazy around here.  Let me get you caught up from last weekend.
I finally used the money that Grandpa and Grandma Brown sent and went and got Tyler his new bike.  He was insistent on having a blue bike with flames and we found one that he was happy with at Toys R US.  I was going to get Emma her first doll house but we ended up getting her a collection of seven Barbies that are the Disney Princesses.  Both of the kids are beyond happy with their purchases, so again thank you for the wonderful gifts for the kids!
Here are a few pictures from Tyler's first day riding his new big boy bike!

Emma is a good sport about going for rides in the stroller while Tyler rides his bike and she does really well walking around the block following behind him.  She has been practicing on Tyler's old tricycle and I think she is going to get it before too long.  
Here she is trying out the cool new bike!=)

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