Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Playing with our toys

We have all been very busy this month playing with all the cool new stuff that we got for Christmas.  Tyler loves his Geo Trax but because it has grown so much in size we have had to move it out of his room and into the "office" area.  He really enjoys it and even on occasion lets Emma play with him.

Emma spends at least part of every day in her "pretty" dress.  She loves to have it on along with her pretty shoes.  Katie got her lots of dress up clothes but so far all she wants to wear is Cinderella.

Notice the Strohl "Go to hell" look that this young lady has perfected at such an early age!=)

They both love the kitchen and seem to be spending quite a bit of time cooking and eating. Emma has decided that Tyler gets to wear the chef hat because all she wants to wear is her birthday hat from last year.

Notice the concentration on Tyler's face (his tongue is even out!).

My favorite Christmas gift, besides the new underwear, is my camera.  I have signed up to take a photography class at the Community College in February so that I can learn about basic photography.  I am really having fun playing with it but I want to learn how to take some good pictures.  Hopefully I will get better, but here are a few of my favorite shots from the past week or so.

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Garrett Family said...

Loved all the pictures - make sure you post about what you learn in class I would love to know how to take better pictures too!