Sunday, January 11, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

Val posted a random picture challenge on her blog so I thought that I would join in the fun.  The idea was to go to your May '08 picture folder and pick the 21st picture and blog about what was happening in that picture.

We were still living in our home in Chandler in May.  This picture was taken in my bedroom. The kids were playing their duck game so nicely together that I had to catch the moment on film!
As I look at this picture I can't get over how "baby like" my little Emma appears.  She has just grown and matured so much over the past eight months.  Of course Tyler doesn't have a shirt on in the photo...I am pretty sure 60% or more of the pictures that I have of him he is missing that piece of clothing.  I guess I should just be happy Emma likes clothes so much.=)

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Garrett Family said...

They both have changed so much - it is fun to go back and look because sometimes we forget how fast they really are growing up.