Saturday, February 21, 2009

Emma No

For those of you who don't know me well, my name is Emma No Emma No.  I am about the cutest little thing ever but I sure can be a handful!  
I am pretty sure that I am going to cause my poor Daddy to have a head full of gray hair before I even enter Kindergarten. 

 I love my momma more than anything in the world but I am even more bull headed than she is, so the two of us are going to go round and round in the not so distant future.  

I adore my big brother, but I find nothing funnier than yelling whenever he is near just to see how long it takes for mom and dad to say, "Tyler, what did you do to Emma?"

I am the biggest princess in the world.  I adore all things shiny and pretty.  I must have a bow in my hair at all times.  I love putting on one of my "pretty dresses" with my "pretty shoes".  You should hear me gush..."Oh, it's beautiful!"  

I am such a smart little girl.  I can count to ten and am starting to say my ABC's whenever Tyler says them with me.  You should hear me help him sing "Take Me Out To the Ball Game"...I am quite a little singer.  I love to "read" and am talking nonstop!

I am driving my parents a little crazy lately.  I have become quite a handful.  I am the complete opposite of my brother.  If you spent the day at my house you would hear mommy and daddy say, "Emma no" at least 100 times.  You would also hear Tyler say, "No, Emma we don't do that" quite often.  
I have been keeping things pretty entertaining around the Brown house.  Don't worry about me though..I have these people wrapped around my little finger!  Who on earth could really stay mad at a face like this?


Grannypjwa said...

EMMA, I just wrote this wonderful post a commputer said it didn't take. Well, suffice it to say I love you,Tyler,Sarah,Marshall and Miss winnie with all my heart.grannypjwa


Garrett Family said...

That was great - I love that post!!