Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting ready for summer fun!

The weather has been getting really nice here so we are in high gear trying to get the backyard ready for summer.
We had to have the pool drained and acid washed because the previous owner did not take care of it properly so it had some staining on the bottom. As you can see, it is good to go so we just need it to warm up a bit more and we can start getting in there. I can't even explain how excited I am so glad to have a pool again--the two Arizona summers we spent without one were rough!
Neither Marshall or myself have a green thumb so lawn and garden care are not at the top of our favorite things to do. Awhile back Marshall bid on and won a putting green at a charity gold tournament. We talked about it and decided to extend the green and add some play "grass" for the kids. They LOVE it! Tyler is perfecting his putting skills and Emma is thrilled to be able to run on "grass" without her shoes on. It gets shaded pretty early so it doesn't really get very hot. This really is the perfect yard for us---green and pretty with NO maintenance!=)


Adoptive Momma said...

It's gorgeous Sarah!

shelley said...

beautiful pool!! it was actually 60degrees here today :)