Friday, May 29, 2009

LOL pics

Why are they both so obsessed with wearing these glasses?

This is what happens when you allow a four year old to watch KISS on the American Idol finale!

One of many dirty looks that Emma gives. 

A princess's work is never done.

I dream about baseball all day every day!


Garrett Family said...

You are going to have to send him to baseball summer camp already!! :) And I think Emma's dirty look was sweet compared to some I get in my house - I call them the Daddy face!! :)

Mitchell Family said...

Loved the pictures! I LOL'd!

shelley said...

Those are cute!! I have the exact picture of my little ones with the mr. potato head glass on. They would both wear them and just crack-up laughing at eachother. Loved Emma's dirty look! How could the cute thing have a dirty look!!

Dana said...

So glad that you shared these pics! They are both adorable and growing up WAY to fast!