Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our trip to Ca

We went to CA this past weekend to celebrate my cousin, Jake's, graduation from college.  The ride out went very well...gotta love the portable DVD player.  We went straight to Marie's house and unloaded and then headed over to her boyfriend, Bill's, house.  It was my first time meeting him--he is a very nice guy who seems to really care a lot about Marie.  Corinne wasn't able to meet us that night (she had awesome VIP tickets to No Doubt...lucky girl) but Dave and Mason came over to play with the kids.  Tyler and Mason warmed up to each other pretty fast and were running around like mad.  

We went to the beach Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings.  It was about ten degrees too cold for my taste but the kids had a blast playing.  

Saturday night we had dinner at Gail's house and then Sunday we headed back over there for Jake's graduation party.  

The party went really well, it just bummed me out to have to leave so early to get the kids home...note to self, find a sitter next time so that I can partake in the later in the evening festivities!=)

Tyler pretty much spent his whole trip trying to get people to pitch him a baseball.  Marie found a cool little contraption that would throw it up and he got pretty good at that, but the boy prefers live pitches!  

He wore everyone out!  Check out poor Miguel sitting in a chair to pitch to him!

Monday night Marie and Bill fed the kids dinner and put them to bed so that Marshall and I could have a date night.  We went out for Sushi and then sat at a karaoke bar and were entertained for a few hours.  
We really had a nice trip and I can hardly wait until a little later this summer when I head back over there for a week or two.


Mitchell Family said...

I completely understand Tyler, I was the same way. I used to play wiffle ball from dawn til dusk. Luckily, my neighbors were boys and I had someone to play ball with.

Corinne said...

You posted all my favorite pics from the share you sent me! Great minds think alike. Love you. :)