Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22nd

We had a much more productive weekend this weekend We put tinting film on the kid's bedroom windows behind the blinds hoping that it will help them to sleep past 5 am---that is when it is light out here! Marshall also put up ceiling fans in both of the kid's rooms. Poor Emma is such a hot blooded little thing that she was waking up in the morning and from her nap sweaty. I keep the house at 77 but she was still too hot. The ceilings in here are not as high as the other house so hopefully the fans will really cool it off for them.
I will very readily admit that I do not have a green thumb. I have no live plants in my house--we have greenery but it is all fake. I just can't keep things alive. My sister, Katie, on the other hand has a deck that looks like it should be in Better Homes and Gardens---Marie has what she likes to call a "hospice garden" so apparently Katie got all of the landscaping talent in our family. Now with all that being said, my lack of talent didn't stop me from planting some flowers in the two flower beds that are along our back wall. I have to tell you that is was 110 today and I had to plant one whole bed in the heat of the day while the kids napped! They aren't much but I am proud of myself for at least making a small attempt at growing something!:)

We also had another date night this weekend. I am trying to get a good pool of babysitters so that I have a few options when I need one. This weekend Jessica and Haylee came to babysit. I also had both of these girls in my fifth grade class. They are sisters and always reminded me of Marie and I as kids. Jessica is the quite straight A student and Haylee was also a good student, but she had to try so much harder---she also REALLY liked to be social----see, like I said, Marie and I! Anyway, we went out and we saw SEX and the City. If you liked the show you will like the movie---both Marshall and I really enjoyed it.
Lately the kid's favorite time of the day is right after bath. Emma has decided that she LOVES running around naked with her towel on her head and Tyler finds it hysterical to chase her. I thought these were funny.

Keep us in your thoughts tomorrow. We start swim lessons at the Y. Tyler has told me every day for the last two weeks that he doesn't want to go, but on Friday I think I may have found the trigger to get him excited about them. We are going to go spend two weeks with Marie next month (so glad we can go to Southern CA and stay for free!) so I have been telling him that we need to be able to swim so that we can go to the ocean. That still wasn't working but when I told him that his Uncle Matt was going to be there and the only way he could go to CA and see him was if he took swim lessons he suddenly decided that he was excited about them. All weekend he has acted like he is ready----now tomorrow when he has to go off with the lifeguard we will see what happens.
One last thing! I already told you about the scorpion sting but I haven't told you about Marshall's response to the whole issue. We watched a news segment about how regular exterminator's spray doesn't always work to kill scorpions. Apparently these freaky little things don't have lungs and can hold their breath for weeks!!:0 They suggested some chemical you can spread that has a reaction with them and will kill them. Another thing they talked about was how the scorpions glow under a back light. So after watching this Mr Brown now goes around the perimeter of the house each night with his his little black light flashlight and finds scorpions and beats them and then torches them to make sure they are dead! You would not believe how many he has killed!!! He also goes through the whole house before bed and checks to make sure there aren't any in here-----he is my hero!

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