Monday, June 2, 2008


We are back in Tucson!
We are here and pretty much settled in to our house. My VERY stubborn husband did most of the moving himself. He packed and loaded almost all of our stuff by himself. He got a little help with loading the couches and some help unloading that first big load but other than that it was a one man show! My job was to keep the kids out of his way--my job may have actually been harder!:) I really didn't think that he could do it all in a weekend but Marshall pulled it off and got us down here and settled pretty quickly.
Marie flew out and helped us unpack---she was a HUGE help. Not only did she get us settled in but then she went home and sent us a VERY YUMMY house warming gift! We don't deserve her!:)
The kids are adjusting very well. They love having a backyard that they can actually play in during the afternoon.
Here they are playing in the morning sprinklers.
Since we have afternoon shade I got them a table so that they can have their own place to relax!
They are pretty good playmates for each other. Emma is finally starting to wrestle back with Tyler!
How sweet are these two?
Summer time and the dresses are pretty!
We sing You Are My Sunshime to Emma every night before she goes to bed. Here is a video of Tyler singing it to her.
He also has had me reading a book about baseball that has the words to Take Me Out to the Ball Game in it. Here he is singing it before bed tonight.
And one last video. Emma has suddenly become quite the conversationalist! We have no idea what it is that she is saying to us but she sure does have an awful lot to tell us. Here is a video of she and Marshall talking during dinner tonight!

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