Thursday, June 12, 2008

My little diva!

So this morning I was dressing Emma and I thought that I would try on this pair of shiny silver flip flops that someone had given us for her. She is wearing a size 4 but I wanted to see how big the size 5 would be on her foot. She just smiled and giggled at the pretty shoes. I put them on her but of course they are too big. I took them off and she cried! I showed her another pair of shoes and she just shook her head no! I tried another pair and again she shook her head No! When I brought out the shiny silver ones again she she said "Yeah!". So I put them on her and put her down. She was happy until she tried to walk and they fell off! Here she is VERY UPSET that her pretty shoes were not working!
After her meltdown we got another pair on her and again all was right with the world!

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