Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We are done with the bottle!
Tyler's pediatrician told me to be done with it at a year so we took it away from him and he went on a 3 month milk strike! Because of that I have been a little hesitant taking it from Emma. The Dr. we were seeing in Phoenix said to be done with it at 15 months so I was kind of dragging my feet. Besides, she is my baby and I can't seem to accept that she is growing up SO MUCH FASTER than Tyler seemed to do. She really was easy---I just started replacing milk at her meals with her sippy cup and just gave her a bottle in the morning and before bed. Yesterday we gave her morning milk in a cup and a bottle before bed. Today no bottles and no bad reaction---I am throwing the bottles away tonight so that I am sure we are done!
It is definately summer here. Today it was around 108. I can take the kids out in the morning and after 4pm but the afternoons are just too hot. We are starting to have to find more indoor activites. Today we broke out the markers and let Emma taker her turn at drawing. I am not sure if the kids had more marker on them or on the paper--thank God for washable markers!

The kid's afternoon naps are a little staggered when Emma takes a good morning nap. When Tyer goes down first she loves to lay in his bed while we read his stories. Here they are cuddling after we have read.

I am not sure if any other two kids love Elmo as much as my kids do. Whenever Elmo's World is on everything in the house stops for both of them. Emma is facinated with our Chicken Dance Elmo and she adores the TMX one. Teresa, a friend of mine from Neosho, gave me this big Elmo when I was pregnant with Tyler. Both of the kids love to cuddle with him.

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