Wednesday, July 2, 2008

15 mos.

Emma had her 15 month appointment on the first. She was 21.4 pounds, which is in the 25th percentile, and 30 inches, which is the 35th percentile. She is my petite little girl---hopefully she stays that way and doesn't end up with the dreaded Strohl ass!:) She had a great appointment and everything is right on track. We talked a little about her hemangioma and everyone agrees that is is looking great and it seems to be going away on its own. We will keep an eye on it and if at 2 years we don't see a big change from now we will consider laser treatment.
She is such a funny little thing. She LOVES to talk on the phone. Marie is a good sport and will "visit" with her for as long as she wants to "talk". It just cracks me up to listen to her. She has so much to say and the hand gestures she uses are a riot! All I can say is that we are all going to get an earful when she can actually be understood.

They are playing together more and more each day. Emma has gotten pretty good at making car sounds when she sits on the floor with Tyler and "drives" the matchbox cars.
We had the absolute cutest moment the other day. Tyler wanted the comb that Emma was holding so he asked her if she would please share. Emma handed over the comb and he said, "Thanks Emma, I appreciate that." Then he leaned over and got close to her ear and whispered, "Guess what are my best friend." It was the sweetest moment ever! Now reality set back in a minute later when she did something to him and he pushed her...but I had that one moment that I will treasure!

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Garrett Family said...

Isn't having them close in age the best! It is hard but so wroth it!!