Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another busy day

Marie had to work the over night shift last night so I got the kids up and out of the house early so that she could get a few hours of sleep. We went for a walk to a park where we fed ducks and played on the playground. Emma wasn't quite sure if she wanted to feed the ducks the crackers or if she wanted to eat them--in the end she did a little of both!:)

After the park we went back to the house so that I could shower and Emma could nap. Marie was up from her nap so after we all got ready we piled back in to the car and headed off for some more fun! Marie took us to the hospital where she works so that Tyler could see the ambulance. The EMT that came out to show him was wonderful. She put on the sirens for the kids so she was an instant hit. We laid Emma on the stretcher and pretended she was our patient--we even bandaged her leg.

You would think that would be all the fun we could pack in to a day but we decided to squeeze in our first trip to Chuck E Cheese at lunch. The kids did great. Much to my shock neither of them were freaked out by the giant mouse. We played a few games where we won tickets and Tyler picked out these lovely glasses as his prize.

Uncle Matt and Aunt Katie get in tonight so more fun is on the horizon!:)

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