Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We made it to California. The ride over wasn't too bad at all---of course neither of my children slept, but thanks to Elmo's World the trip was a success. I still can't believe that Tyler can talk consistently for seven hours but the kid did it! He asked question after question and had more comments about the sky, people on motorcycles, the mountains, and everything else you can think of.
We drove on Monday so when we got to Marie's house we just ordered pizza and then played outside for a short time. The kids had baths and then went to bed early. Tuesday we got up and Marie took us to the Fire Station. She bought Tyler a book about fire fighters so he was pretty excited to go see the fire trucks and such. The whole ride over he kept saying, "Aunt Marie, I'm so excited!" When we got there it was another story. He was either in shock or in full out shy mode. He barely spoke and when the fireman asked if he wanted to get in the fire truck he just shook his head no. Emma was squirming to get up there so we put her in the truck--she loved it! Tyler couldn't let her out due him so then he wanted to get in---he then didn't want to get out! The firefighter that gave us the tour was wonderful. He showed the kids everything and was just as patient as he could be.

Tuesday evening my Uncle Ron and Aunt Gail had us all over for dinner. Tyler somehow got the idea that he wanted to wash Gail's car. At first he was just squirting it with his squirt gun but since that wasn't gong so well Marie filled up a bucket for him. I went outside to check on them and as he was washing the car he turned and said, "I need money." I asked him why and he said, "I gotta pay bills." It was just so funny---I guess my little entrepreneur found his first job!

When we got out here I checked on Craigslist and found a double jogging stroller in great condition for an even greater price. I wasn't sure if Tyler would ride in it next to Emma but I was pleasantly surprised. They really seem to enjoy it and I LOVE the fact that it is so easy to push. Marshall may have to tie it to the top of my car to get it home but at least now I can go for walks with both of them and not have to make poor Tyler get out and walk because the Sit N Stand is too hard to push uphill with both kids in it!:)
This morning we went to the beach and used my new stroller to take a walk. The weather is so perfect so we all enjoyed ourselves. When we got home we took the kids to the pool. Emma was her usual fish and Tyler his usual sidewalk sitter--but we had a great time. Tyler has the most active imagination and he spent most of the time there "making us drinks" and bringing us chicken tenders with cheese "to eat".

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Garrett Family said...

It takes us 6-7 hours to drive to Missouri - so I know what you are feeling. It is too cute to hear about your kids and see how much a like they are. The older one is shy and reserved and the younger one is very out going - and that was how it was when I was growing up with Vanessa too. I obviously out grew the shyness so I don't worry about Maelynn's.