Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 4th Weekend

Check out the adorable dress that my mom sent for little Miss Emma. She was quite a hit everywhere we went!

We got off to a bit of a rocky start for our holiday weekend, but things turned out just fine. Thursday night, Marshall took Tyler to Anthony Cordova's (Mark and Shelly's son) All Star baseball game. He had a great time. He actually didn't watch that much of the game, instead he played catch with Kim and Elva's grandson, Nicholas. Marshall didn't see it happen but Tyler ended up getting clocked in the side of the head with a baseball. He was a bit stunned at first then he cried. Marshall told him it was just an accident so Tyler marched right over to Nicholas and said, "You have to say you are sorry." Nicholas did so and the drama was over! Tyler gets told he has to apologize a lot so he knew that it was his turn to be on the receiving end:)

They didn't end up getting home from the game until around 9:30pm so Tyler was quite late getting to bed. One would think that he would sleep in a bit but no...he was up and at it by 5:45am. Friday, we decided to skip Emma's morning nap with the hope that we would put them both down before noon-since we wanted to get to Kima nd Elva's house by about 2:30pm. This backfired on us and neither one of them took a good afternoon nap. We were a bit worried that we would have VERY tired and crabby kids on our hands but like always they performed well in public!:)
We spent the afternoon playing in the Dillavou's pool. Tyler still would rather just play on the steps or hang around the edge--we will try lessons again when we get back from CA. Anthony and Nicholas were both there and Anthony had two friends from his baseball team with him. All of the boys were great with Tyler. They included him in everything that they did. Emma had a blast and spent most of her time being carried around in the pool---she LOVES the water.

We were going to try and watch the fireworks on Kim's roof but by 8pm both kids had hit the wall. We decided to leave and hopefully catch a few on the drive home. Emma was asleep before we left the driveway so we decided to park and watch the firework display at one of the resorts here in town. We had an amazing view and were far enough away that they weren't terribly loud. Tyler enjoyed the show and must have asked "what do the fireworks do?' a thousand times.
On Saturday Marshall, Tyler, Kim, and Nicholas all went to Phoenix for a Diamondbacks game. Tyler had a great time and really enjoyed having another kid with him.

Here he is on the ride home!

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