Thursday, July 10, 2008

Around the house

I think Emma is starting to get her two year molars. She has gotten all of her teeth so early! She has been quite a crab the last two days and is running a fever. She doesn't have an ear infection and she is back to chewing her fingers so I guess we are in for our last round of teething.
She loves to help me do whatever I am doing. She has become obsessed with the Swifter. I have to hide it from her because she gets hysterical if she sees it and she isn't allowed to push it around the floor. I am just hoping she stays this excited about do my floors!:)

Today we had showers most of the afternoon. There wasn't any lightning or thunder so I let the kids go out and play around in the rain. Both of them were so funny running around screaming and dancing around in the rain drops. The pure joy they got from this was amazing....I wish I could bottle all of their energy and excitement..I could sell it and become a millionaire!:)

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