Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Update

We have had a few exciting things happen since my last post.  The biggest one is that Emma "went potty" on the chair.  Now before you get too excited let me explain.  She likes to sit on the potty each night before she gets in the tub but has yet to actually do anything on it.  Well.....the other night I had gotten her out of the tub first and she was running around naked while I tended to Tyler.  I looked over and she was standing over the potty chair.  She was pretty much straddling it.  I could tell by the look on her face that she was trying to poop so I tried to get her to sit down. She kept saying "No, No, No" so I just left her there standing.  The next thing I knew she went and at least some of it fell in to the potty!!!!  We made a HUGE deal and clapped and cheered for her. Tyler yelled, "Congratulations Emma!".  I know we are a long way from being trained but it was a glimmer of light at the end of the diaper trail!=)
Friday when I went to pick the kids up at the child care at the YMCA the girls met me at the gate with the cutest story.  Emma loves to play dress up.  They have a bunch of costumes and dresses for the kids to play with while they are there.  Emma decided to put on the Belle dress from Beauty and the Beast.  When Tyler saw her in the dress he said, "Oh, Emma you look so pretty, let's dance."  He then proceeded to take her hand and they danced in a circle.  The girls said it was about the cutest thing ever-----sure wish I could have been there to see it.  Maybe they will be the brother and sister duo on Dancing with the Stars fifteen years from now!=)
Saturday Tyler got to go to Itty Bitty Sports again.  Here he is with his new shirt, hat and shades--he was much better prepared this week.

We really were trying to let Tyler's hair grow out so that he could have an actual hair style but it just wasn't working.  All it was doing was growing straight up and out.  It is very thick and very coarse...think Brillo pad.  So Marshall finally won and we got it buzzed again this weekend.  Tyler was thrilled that I don't have to comb it anymore and that it only takes two cups of water dumped on his head to rinse it after washing.  Here are his before and after pics.

There is nothing like a toy that they can play with together.  Thanks again for the great gift Aunt Katie!=)

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Garrett Family said...

Tyler looks very handsome - if he ever wants a flat top - I'm a pro! That is the only hair cut Chris has had since high school - since his hair is very similar to Tylers! I got Wylie the same present last Christmas - a big hit - it is on the list for Christmas for the girls this year.