Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sid the Science Kid

Have you seen the new cartoon on PBS, Sid the Science Kid?  It really is a good one.  They use the scientific process to find the answers to questions like, "Why did my banana get mushy?, Why are my shoes all of a sudden too small?, What happened to the ice in my drink?.  
Tyler is loving it!!!  It really is a good one so if you haven't seen it yet check your local PBS channel and see when it is on in your area.  
He and his mom sing a song on the way to his preschool so now Tyler and I sing it every Tuesday and Thursday morning!
"I Love my mom.  My mom is cool.  But now it's time for learning stuff at school!!!"---I am telling you, it is just too cute!=)


Mitchell Family said...

Brice and I watched it this morning. Very cute.

Garrett Family said...

We set it up for DVR - we will have to check it out - it sounds great!