Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sept. 14th

I am not saying my kids have any musical talent but they sure do like to sing and dance!=)  Tyler turns everything into a musical instrument and Emma seems to be dancing around in circles during a large part of her day.  Here they are singing with my big spoons.

This video is from the other night before bed.  They were having a blast performing for Marshall (check out his 70's Burt Reynolds pose on the floor) and I.
The kids really are playing together more but they are also fighting more too.  Tyler loves to get in Emma's personal space and she loves to scream to let everyone in a five mile radius know that she is not happy about it.  One thing that always brings them together is food. One of their favorite afternoon snacks is a fruit smoothie.  Here are the kids enjoying one together.

My little girly girl is talking more each day. Some of her favorite words are fly, flower, eye, nose, belly, phone, Elmo, up, down, help, uh oh, ow, momma, daddy, no, and Winnie.

We have a lime tree growing in our backyard and the kids helped me pick some yesterday...they also wanted to eat one!  They tried to out do each other by licking it as much as they could before Tyler politely told me thank you but he was done!


Garrett Family said...

So funny - I love the lime faces!!

Marie said...

Did Tyler get his air guitar lessons from Dad too?