Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was Marshall's birthday so the kids and I did all we could to make it a great day for him.  Tyler had school so after dance class Emma and I went and got the cake--butter cream frosting on a chocolate cake with raspberry inside--yum!  We then went and got handmade tortillas from a restaurant that he likes for the steak and beans burros that both he and Tyler claim are the best meal ever!=)  Wal Mart was our next stop to get balloons, streamers, and wrapping paper.  Emma was obsessed with the wrapping paper.  She held the roll the whole time we were in the store.  She screamed when I gave it to the check out lady so we quickly scanned it and gave it back to her.  She held it the whole ride home and threw another fit when I tried to take it away from her to have lunch.  So....she held on to it while she ate!  I drew the line at napping with it.  After one of the biggest fits I have seen the child throw she calmed down and took a good nap.
While Emma napped I blew up balloons and hung streamers in the kitchen and entry way.  She was just amazed when she woke up and saw everything.  We went and picked up Tyler from school and after being told about the decorations awaiting him at home he announced that "Daddy needs to have a party hat for his party."  We stopped at the grocery store and got a balloon bouquet but they didn't have party hats.  On the way out of the store both kids freaked out because it was windy and they were screaming because they thought we were going to lose the balloons!  I got them calmed down so we headed to Hallmark to get the hats. They didn't have any either.  By this time it was getting close to Marshall coming home and it was HOT outside so I was ready to call it quits.  Tyler was really sad so we headed t0 Target to try to find the hats---BINGO--they had some.  The hats were Sesame Street so the kids were thrilled!  Finally we headed home to await the birthday boy.
Here the kids are practicing screaming "Surprise" for when Marshall got home.
They waited so patiently by the door and yelled as he walked was adorable.
Here they are helping daddy unwrap his gifts (check out the party hats=).

Next we had a nice dinner and a really yummy cake.  The kids both had a meltdown free evening so it was a perfect day!

Happy Birthday are just the best husband and dad a family could ask for!

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