Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just for fun

I saw this on someone's blog and thought it would be fun to do.  Take a moment and do it and let's get this started on our friend's blogs!

I glad that 100+ degree days are over here in Tucson. This is the time of year I REALLY LOVE living here.
I kids to grow up knowing that they are loved and with a good work ethic and strong morals.
I have.... the sweetest kids in the world
I keep... hoping that Keli and Debbie will move to Tucson so I don't have to miss them so much!
I wish I could...lose 15 pounds and look like I did the summer before Tyler arrived.
I hate....waking up even one minute before 6am.
I fear....Emma's teenage years
I hear.... that gas is going back up so I better fill my tank back up!
I don't think....there are ever enough hours in the day.
I regret....not enjoying my pregnancies more. Now that I know I won't ever experience it again I kind of wish I would have not worried about how bad I looked but focused on the miracle that was happening.
I love...hearing my kid's belly laughs.
I am not....ever going to win "Mommy of the Year" but I sure do try my best.
I Laurie Berkner and Dancing with the Stars.
I sing.... to my kids all the time and they even seem to enjoy it=)
I never....forget to thank God each day for the amazing blessings in my life.
I rarely...paint my own toes---I need some pampering now and then.
I cry when I watch....anything remotely sentimental...I am a bit of a cry baby.
I am not patient as I should be
I hate that... I'm not more of a domestic goddess!
I'm confused everyone else out there seems to get so much more done than I do each day.
I need..a spa day!
I cleaning up this mess of a house.

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