Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a really nice weekend this weekend.  Saturday morning Tyler and Marshall headed off for Itty Bitty Sports.  The program is through the YMCA and it runs for 9 weeks.  The kids do three weeks of soccer, t-ball, and basketball.  Tyler has been REALLY looking  forward to it starting for quite awhile.  He did great but he got a bit overheated.  The paper said it was at a school so I just assumed it was in the gym...oops it was outside in the hot sun and I forgot to send a hat.  They gave the kids a t-shirt to wear so next week I will take his his picture in it.

That evening Tyler's school had their annual fundraiser.  It was a 50's theme sock hop.  We didn't dress up but we sure did have a good time!=)  Who knew how much fun $3 hula hoops were for kids.  Emma spent her evening either dancing with the hula hoop or screaming in delight over the balloons everywhere.  Tyler enjoyed the hula hoops as well and had his first experience with the limbo---too funny!

Emma has said two two word phrases this past week!  After she finished her breakfast the other morning she picked up her plate and said, "happy plate".  Tyler often says this so she has heard it and finally decided it was her turn to be acknowledged for finishing her meal!=)  She also told me to "sit down" when I was trying to hand her something while she was in her high chair.  Tyler and I laughed pretty hard at this rude little command but we celebrated the fact that she said it!
Mr. Brown has had a few good one liners lately too.  We went to the library for story time right after exercising at the Y the other morning.  I was making sure "the girls" were not popping out of the two sports bras that I wear to keep them contained when out of the back seat came, "What's the matter mom did your boob pop out?"  I can only thank his father for that one!=)  He has also turned in to such a little Eddie Haskel.  On the way to school the other morning he said, "Mom, I love you and sure look cute today."  Guess I gotta take those compliments while I can get them.  The funniest though has got to be while we were driving the other day he was peppering Marshall and I with A MILLION questions.  Why this and why that...so Marshall decided to turn the tables on him and just started throwing questions to him and constantly asking why.  The best answer came when Marshall asked Tyler, do you have boogies in your nose?'  Tyler responded "no" so Marshall asked "why".  Tyler answered, Because I ate them!"  I am praying that it was his attempt at being a smart ass like his parents but there is the small fear that he probably did eat them!

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Garrett Family said...

I laughed so hard at this post!! It is so funny - and touches right at home with us. Oh that 3 sport thing - is awesome - I wish we had something like that here!!