Wednesday, September 17, 2008


We went out to dinner the other night and Tyler was insistent on wearing his Superman outfit. I thought that I had him convinced to be Mickey Mouse for Halloween and I had planned to dress Emma as Minnie.  I do not know where his sudden fascination with Superheros has come from but he has changed his mind and now he wants to be Spiderman.....I guess if they are going as a set Emma could always be Wonder Women. 

Emma has started to bring either her doll, duck, or baby with her where ever she goes. Here she is at the same dinner with her baby.

Can you believe how long her hair is getting?!?  She won't let me do it everyday but some mornings she is very cooperative and lets me do something with it.  I am so not a stylist..look at my own hair...but I am trying my best.  I am sure by the time she starts school I will figure out how to do a perfect part in it.

I am sure that we will be in diapers for quite awhile yet but at least she is starting to get the idea!=)

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Garrett Family said...

Good luck on the perfect part - Maelynn only sits still for a few minutes for me to fix it - so the part is always bad!! If you figure out how to do it - let me know.