Saturday, March 29, 2008

March 29th

We had a fun afternoon today. The neighborhood that we live in had a community picnic. It was very nice--they had a petting zoo, pony rides, jumping castles, and face painting. I really didn't think that Tyler would ride the pony because last summer we tried to get him to do it when Marie took us to the stables on base and he freaked out! This time he was very excited and even got to ride more than once. We let Emma sit up there with him for the cute picture!:)

Both of the kids LOVED the petting zoo. Their hands will probably be cracked and bleeding tomorrow from all the antibacterial gel I put on them after they touched the animals.

Marie is done with her conference in Scottsdale so she is going to stay with us until Monday. She is also coming back in two weeks to watch the kids while Marshall and I go to a wedding. We are so excited to have a night away and she seems to be enjoying all of her "Aunt Marie" time.

My mom sent Emma this outfit for Easter---could it be any cuter?!? She is up to about four steps before she falls down and starts to crawl.

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