Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Emma is one and she is walking!!!!

Well, I felt guilty that I didn't do the big birthday bash for Emma like I did Tyler but as I look back on it her birthday seemed to have been celebrated a lot more than his was. We had her first "party" in Tucson on Easter, her second on the 30th when Marie was here with us, and her final one the night of her actual birthday. She loved being sung to and especially enjoyed the cake that always followed. She actually picked up a piece of ice cream cake and ate the whole thing----the little piggy cried when it was gone!:)

We got Tyler a chair for his room for his first birthday so I decided to get Emma one too. The one that Tyler has is from Pottery Barn and I was really disappointed in the quality of it so I had been on the hunt for a better one for Emma. I found this cute one at Target

The thing is.... Emma has decided that she likes Tyler's better and he is pretty fond of hers!

The biggest accomplishment of the birthday weekend was that she is now a full fledged toddler! She had been taking a step or two between us but the night before her birthday she took off! We had given her a bath right after the whole ice cream cake mess so she had time to play before we put her to bed. We were all sitting around in the living room and she just decided to walk from one couch to the other. The saddest part of it was that my camcorder must have had a bad DVD in it so I didn't get it taped on there. I did get it on the little Flip one but my computer has the wrong version of Windows on it so as soon as Marshall gets his new laptop we will get the video up on here so that you can see her.
She is fast becoming a pro at walking and is crawling less and less. The great news there is that I am going to be able to dress her in some of the fabulous dresses that she got for her birthday.
We went for a walk outside today and she walked (holding my hand) from our house to the mailbox and back. Tyler is very good with her and has been screaming all week..."Look Mom, Emma is walking!!!"

She also crawled up this slide today so Tyler decided to join her----they are pretty cute together if I do say so myself.
Tyler's funny moment of this week came last night while Marshall was trying to find something for him to watch on TV. He asked him if he wanted to watch "The Singing Show aka American Idol"----Tyler said, "No, how about General Hospital?" I guess that one would be my fault!:)

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